Two year old Micro teacup yorkie pebbles getting a bath
  • 18.07.2023
  • 1987

Some people may not have money to take their dog to the groomers. But when you bathe the head of the dog, hold down their ears and don’t submerge the head all the way under the faucet. I usually take a face towel and wipe the ears and eyes.

Pomeranian puppy play attack
  • 29.05.2023
  • 11798

This is adorable it reminds me of my big Labrador that’s 8 years old and when my 7 year old brother was 1 years old my dog was a puppy my dog was puppy my brother around like he was her baby by pulling him by his pj’s

Yorky Baby
  • 19.05.2023
  • 7719

The Yorkie baby is an embodiment of pure cuteness. With its tiny frame and fluffy coat, it's hard to resist their charm. Their button-like eyes sparkle with curiosity, as if they hold the secrets of the world. Every wobbly step they take is a testament to their determination and resilience. Their playful antics, from chasing their tail to pouncing on imaginary foes, fill the room with laughter and joy. Wrapped in the softness of their fur, they radiate warmth and love, instantly melting hearts. Their presence is a constant reminder that even in the smallest package, an abundance of love and happiness can be found. The Yorkie baby is a precious treasure, leaving an indelible mark on the lives lucky enough to have them by their side.

10 week Yorkie Poo Puppy Trying to Climb. So cute baby yorkie
  • 11.05.2023
  • 11901

I have. Yorkie poo as well (he’s 10 weeks) and he’s always trying to climb on the couch but he’s to small. also is it just me or do yorkies have a specific bark??